About Us

When you combine culture, Boldness, and true self with a Splash of Chola, something happens: Beauty.

That's because Chola Beauty exists for just one reason: to inspire confidence and empowerment in others through beauty and high-quality cosmetics. Whether you're new to makeup or seasoned veteran, our collection is suitable for any level of experience. Our extremely versatile and long-lasting products can be used to create stunning, flawless day-time look that will also be perfect for a thrilling night out hours later. 

As licensed asthetician and hip hop dance performer, Founder Brandi Abel launched this brand for her deep-seated passion for cosmetics, culture, and supporting others on their journey to loving themselves no matter what others think or say. She established her line to highlight and embrace the uniquity of the Latin style and culture that defines her roots. Her hope is that with her make-up, you will feel fearless, unstoppable, posied, and confident in your own skin.

Chola Beauty is always safe, never toxic. Our products are cruelty-free, waterproof, and perfect for any skin tone. We are based in sacramento, California and Las vegas, Nevada, but for theconveince of all, our collection is fully available online.